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A person who, over the Internet, thinks they're smarter than everyone else.

She is no stranger to trolling, flaming, or annoyance over the net.

She will demand that you use correct grammar, and, if you don't, assume that you're from a third-world country with access to a computer because you raided some up-scale environment.
reg. tired dude: man me to....

net genius: hey, excuse me, but can you please say "too" instead of "to" when using as an adverb. Also, don't forget to use a comma before man; remember you're calling that person "man".

reg. tired dude: stfu... it's the internet! I have a degree, two published books, an upscale apartment, trophy wife, and three redundant white women for oral entertainment, BITCH!
by netgeniuswannabe May 23, 2010
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