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Nestanded - nest•ond•eyd, verb

1. To cowardly flee the scene of an accident you caused, usually when drunk.

2. The act of committing vehicular hit and run when intoxicated.

3. To avoid serious criminal charges involving a hit and run by hiring expensive lawyers and coming up with weak excuses.
1. After a night of heavy drinking at two bars, Gabby hit a pedestrian and Nestanded the scene to hide her BMW and sober up later.

2. The innocent pedestrian died after being Nestanded by a drunk, rich girl in a BMW.

3. Although the evidence clearly supported intoxicated manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid, the defendant Nestanded herself by claiming she was checking the alarm on her phone when she was struck by a rock or a deer.
by AustinTexan March 13, 2013
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