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Nervous Hole Syndrome is when you feel the need to pinch a nice loaf but have no access to a bathroom, so right there you panic and get the sensation of nervous hole. It can occur when your actually nervous or when you just have to take a shit. It will usually creep up in the tailbone region and often move to the lower back. Sometimes it will vanish for a minute, but come back because it's just playing with you. When you find a pool to drop your Cosby's off, NHS will usually be over with for now. But can happen numerous times a day.

Reminder: NHS can commonly be confused with National Honor Society, please don't make this mistake
Have you ever been shopping in Wal-Mart and have to take a poop? don't want to go just yet so you finish your shopping. Then it hits you! Bam. Nervous Hole Syndrome (NHS). Then your screwed until you unleash your terds.
by Matt Barshinger December 23, 2010
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