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The feeling when you are caught in traffic and there is an opening to the lane you need to get into, but the car behind you has their blinker on at the same time. You need to go now in order to keep on track, but you want to be polite for the car behind you. If you go then they will not be able to seize such a vital position to escape. The gap is slowly closing and neither you or the other car has gone forth on the opportunity and decide it be better to wait later. Instead the other car takes the opportunity and leaves you feeling betrayed as if you felt you two mutually agreed to wait. Now you are stuck and inevitably be late to your event because you were feeling nervosity.
I felt nervosity when me or another car could take the open lane next to us.
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by tomrunner21 January 26, 2018
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A sudden, uncontrollable burst of nervousness.
*hey mate, you going out with Cindy tonight?
*ya man, doubled up on the deodorant the nervosity is real
by eLeMents May 23, 2015
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