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The sexiest shit out there. Fo' real, you like see a girl that's Nerma and you pass out. The girl with DA BEST personalitits, hair and legs is a walking sex. Niggaz go 'damn'.
When a Nerma passes by, all the niggaz drop the cotton, and they're like:
by PoJediMaster October 26, 2014
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another word to be the shit/ to be cool. everyone wants to be nerma.
"Do you see that hot blonde girl over there?"
"Yeah she looks so nerma."
"I'd be lucky to tap that!"
(Girl walks over)
"Are you talking about that girl again?"
"Yeah sorry babe."
"Its not fair, i wish i was as nerma as her, not all of us are that lucky!"
by yourfoul26 March 29, 2010
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