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A nonsense word used in an attempt to describe the indescribable feeling of fear felt by AP students. It is generally used when the student feels that they have too much work (117% of the time), when they fear they have not been taught enough to complete their work (132% of the time), and in some cases may even be used to describe the lethargy and despair felt by AP student that are otherwise involved in their communities, schools, extracurricular activities, or social lives, and thus experience monumental amounts of stress usually resulting in serious medical complications (~163% of the time).
"Man, Isabelle, this nerergty is getting ridic.... I'm too tired and dazed to even complete my Harry Potter reference."

"Jack was so baked last night, he almost forgot about the extreme nerertgy he was feeling so shortly before."

Streetwalker A: "Hannah has three scheduled hookups, a meeting with her pimp, and fourteen venereal shots to take to night... How's she going to do her AP US work?"
Streetwalker B: "I dunno, but that's what I call nerertgy."
by youshouldappreciatethisdear January 05, 2012
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