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A phenomena in which a nerd enters a state of mind, in which they can no longer keep their thoughts in and decide to go to an open forum, a blog or anything similar and write out their thoughts, even though to most of the audience reading those thoughts will not be able to understand what they're ranting about clearly, usually it results in a jumbled wall of text and contradictions. These thoughts are only relevant to the nerd, even if you understand them.
"I'm unsure if I should get this processor, it'll boost my GHZ to 4.6, but I could just as easily buy this other processor that will only put it to 3.2 but will work better with this motherboard I'm looking at." - Rough Example of a Nerd's Rant.
by KyleHasSwag May 23, 2017
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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A condition often displayed on forums and guestbooks internet-wide. Nerd's Rant is a truly devastating phenomenon, made even more so by translation into GeekSpeak, aka "Leet".
Nerd's Rant usally comes up in protest to an unsatisfactory post, or incorrect reference to All Your Base or Numa Numa, thus angering the Nerd, causing an explosive showering of acronyms and stupid insults.
An example of Nerd's Rant:

"OMG u n00b STFU u d1dn7 qu0t3 |\|um4 |\|um4 |21t3 OMG FU!!1"
by Blackwood November 05, 2005
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