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EXTREMELY overused words. Most of which are 1337(leet?)speak terms, cliched insults that make people want to scream, and words that nerds use a hell of a lot.
Nerd Terms are extremely annoying, because almost everyone uses them, and because they are just plain bad disses, etc.
And now, Nerd terms have become part of the english language because of a bunch of nerds, and peer pressure, turning nerd terms into a pandemic.
Bob: (on cell with girlfriend) Wait! Don't dump me! Please!
(girl hangs up)

Nerd 1: PWNAGE!!!
Nerd 2: R3J3CTED
Nerd 3: R0TFLOL
Nerd 4:Oh!!! Diss!
Nerd 5:Burn! You need some ointment for that burn!
Nerd 6: Hope you brought yo plate, cuz youz just got served!!!

Bob: I swear I'm gonna pop a cap in yo ass, y'all.

Nerd 7: (to the other nerds) /oh, Über PWNAGE!!!! Biatch!

Joe: Bob get the hell outta there before thos Nerd Terms get into yo system, Biatch! Otherwise I will PWN YO ASS!

Nerd 7:Diss! (Then get's shot in the ass)
by gmar5 June 06, 2009
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