A nerd lair is a specific location for a nerd beholding their nearest and dearest possessions. These possessions range from Star Trek figurines to an array of comic books as well an ergonomically fit video game/TV/surround sound system set up.

Nerd lairs are generally only ever seen by the nerds themselves, or their mother's who need to enter with supervised permission to collect and deposit laundered items.

Nerd lairs include:
- an odd smell
- a bed
- a bean bag - rookie nerd lair, a pro has a swivel chair
- a closed window

- a lot of fast food rubbish including coke cans

- so many video games and DVDs that you would believe you are in Blockbuster

- one head set beside the computer plugged in at all times
- comics that NO ONE is allowed to touch without gloves
- posters of female anime characters

Nerd lairs are exciting to enter, yet very intimidating.
"I actually saw his nerd lair..I thought it was a rumour, but there it was, it's nerd lair-ness radiating from the crack in the door. There wasn't a lot of noise but there were "yes's" and distinct button mashing; no source of natural light coming from the room at all...I edged a little closer, obviously trying to be quiet or else I would disturb the beast within and it smelled like pizza. Oh and I definitely saw a poster of one of the chicks from Neon Genesis."
by dee_dawg September 19, 2011