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Although the nerd is a social creature, they often find themselves in need of retreat due to ridicule, shame, embarassment or harassment by "normal" people. They retire to secret rooms, not unlike Batman's Bat-Cave. Within these rooms you may find the nerd in it's natural habitat, surrounded by empty cans of soda, food boxes and wrappers, comic books, video games and stack of old programming manuals long since forgetten. The air reeks of body odour and often cheetos and faint yellow light shines on all things.
True Nerd #1 - want to come over on Tuesday to read through old dime comics?
True Nerd #2 - where, at your mothers house?
True Nerd #1 - no, at my dad's. after the divorce I moved in with him
True Nerd #2 - why? isn't your dad an alcoholic?
True Nerd #1 - yeah, but three beatings a week is worth having a NERD DUNGEON of my own.
by Perl Me Up Scotty November 11, 2011
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