Noun.(Nee-kwa) 1. An African-American male having sexual intercourse with a canine, in an attempt to achieve Nirvana.

2. More commonly used as a term for "dude" or "bro"
Man 1: "See that guy over there?"
Man 2: "Yeah?"
Man 1: "He's such a nequa. I saw him having sex with the stray dog that lives down the street last."
Man 2: "Nequa! I never woulda thought he'd be a nequa."
by Ooga mooga March 18, 2014
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A genuine girl who seems very antisocial. Has a lot of trust issues but has a great heart. She’s the best kind of friend you could have but she’s quit to cut you off when she peeps bullshit. Treasure her because she’s rare and once she leaves there’s no guarantee that she’ll come back.
Hey, that girl Nequa is so nice but don’t get on her bad side.
by _[ May 30, 2020
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