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Nephanie is one of the most perfect ships you will ever come across in the ICONiac fandom. they are perfect in every single way. Stephanie's love for Nick is one of the most beautiful things you can ever read about. Her tweets and posts about him are so adorable, sweet, loving, and caring. The love she has for him is so, so, SO beautiful and wonderful. everyone says 'i hear wedding bells' 'DATE', all that great stuff. and the times that Nick tweets or DMs Stephanie back are when the Nephanie shippers go completely crazy. many people throughout the day always ask about Nephanie, talk about Nephanie, some even have Nephanie as their icons bc Nephanie is equivalent to perfection.
person 1: omfg do you ship nephanie?
person 2: yes they're my otp!
person 1: yes god bless they're so perf
by niall horan bye December 01, 2012
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