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When you miss a day or more of taking a dump and feel a little backed up, and then one glorious morning you drop a huge log and can clearly see, upon close inspection, that your shit log, while still one continuous piece, is split into two or more distinct sections. Each section of the log will have its own consistency/color and can, upon VERY close inspection, be classified by each backed-up day since the last dump. In rare situations and requiring years of training, one can produce the perfect Neopolitan Dump with three distinct sections: white, brown and pink.
Frank: Damn Tom, you should’ve seen this massive and magnificent dump I took this morning.
Tom: What was so amazing about it?
Frank: Well, I’ve been so backed up over the past few days, moving from Mexican to Thai to Japanese to Greek, that my log came out and had three distinct sections… each with its own color and consistency. I’ve never seen anything like it!!
Tom: I’ve heard of such dumps… they are the very rare and awe inspiring Neopolitan Dump. Did you take a picture?
Frank: You damn right I took a picture… check it out (hands Tom picture)
Tom: Gross
Frank: SmyD
Tom: Garg the Smeg
Frank: WoW Noz
by apound21 June 11, 2009
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