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Neon Cobra is funny, but Neon Cobra is not a joke.

Neon Cobra is a full frontal assault of raucous, unapologetic, red-blooded rock n' roll. They found the secret lair of the space-aged brain that had frozen the heart of rock nā€™ roll and kicked it in the ass. Hard! Neon Cobra will wrap itself around your throat and scream sweet nothings into your face. They don't whine, they don't moan, they don't have expensive haircuts, and they aren't afraid to sing about some down-home American fuckin'. Their music is like an audio-transmitted sexual infection that burns so good. If someone tamed a hurricane in a basement, and then spent months befriending it and earning its trust, taught it a love of music, freedom, and faux snakeskin pants, then gave it a hug and sent it out into the world to spread its message, it would sound just like Neon Cobra.

Band Members:
Jason "Thunder" Walters - Vocals
Jason "Bad News" Plummer - Guitar/Vocals
Nick "Tickles" Payne - Drums/Vocals
Andy "Hammerpants" Hogan - Bass/Vocals
Did any of you boners go to the Neon Cobra show last night?I totally had an eargasm.
by Motherfuckingrockandroll January 29, 2011
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