Dick Cheney, George W. Bush.
An Authoritarian regime who ruled from 2001-2009 and changed the world for the worst forever.
Can also be defined as a biggoted out of touch politician who thinks he can deside what other countries should do.
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by EsonBoy April 11, 2019
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Short for neoconservative, a (often derogatory) term used to describe a politician who's vaguely pro-war and not an extremist otherwise(e.g. a fascist). Neocons believe in spreading democracy and humanitarianism around the world through military intervention, as well as protecting the supply of oil. Neoconservatives tend to be fiscally moderate, and depending on party lean center-left or center-right on social issues.

Liberals opposed to neoconservatism typically express sympathy for people in the countries that are involved in these wars, while conservatives concern over the amount of money spent in wars(and in the eyes of nationalist conservatives, neoconservatives care too much about foreigners) as well as the soldiers sent to fight them.

Prominent examples of neoconservatives include John Mccain, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush.
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