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Its a pretty new religion. Invented sometime around 2008-2009 in California by the Genius known as Neno
So new that it doesn't even really have its own moral codes or ideas. It can really mean anything. If that means one day you want to be Christian, then your Christian; if you wish to be an atheist the next day, so be it. Its most closely related to being agnostic but not exactly due to its constant variability. its a great belief when you care, but don't really care about life's greatest philosophical questions. Great for awkward moments with religious and anti-religious extremists
Christian- So what do you believe in?
Nenerian- nenoism
Christian-what does that mean? like god or something?
Neneriant- not really
Christian- So your atheist!?
Nenarian- not really
Christian- ???
by Nenerian September 05, 2011
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