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A priceless gem formed from the heart of a girl named Nelly. You'd be the wealthiest person in the world to find one. It's very rare to come across but not impossible. One was found in a carrier from Nigeria who now resides in Liberia.
The carriers name's always Nelly but unlike other Nellys ,carriers have a very distinct sense of humor. Carriers are often in the habit of smiling with a soft, elegant and mesmerizing hmmm. Do not underestimate their need of individuality and self-esteem. They are the ideal person you'll like to have as a friend and lover. Despite carriers need to share this precious gem, they don't go about it recklessly and would die protecting it . If you're lucky to have one hand you a Nellonite; cherish, love and protect her with your life.
MD:"When is the Nellonite carrier arriving?"
"I have been waiting for her for infinity."
by MD "My Dragon" August 01, 2018
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