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A beautiful girl who is the daughter of the musical god, Apollo. She has dark hair, dark eyes and is the sweetest person you will ever know to exist. She was a competitor on the show The Glee Project in the summer of 2012. Since then, the world has been introduced to the amazingness that is Nellie Veitenheimer. Although she is rather tiny in size, she can sing bigger than everything. Even that creepy neighbor who eats too much down the street. She can sing bigger than elephants. Nellie Veitenheimer is a Ship Queen, and is often put into relationships by her fans with everything; including her cat, a jar of Nutella, her two best friends Blake Jenner and Michael Weisman, and you will probably end up wanting to date her as well. Even if you are a straight girl or gay man, you will find yourself in love. She is a skilled photographer and an amazing songwriter and writer in general. She owns a Tumblr in which she connects with her fans. She also is very weird, but you will also love that. She is the reason why most people hate Ryan Murphy, and why people are cutting their hair now. She has numerous videos on YouTube, showcasing her unique talent. Unlike most girls, Nellie's voice has an unforgettable rasp and jazz-esque feel to it.

Nellie Veitenheimer, in short, is perfection.
by quinnyquin January 20, 2013
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