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Noun-Traditional Northern Queensland dialogue introduced by catholic settlers to the region in 1980.
-A man whose body is entirely made of mango,
-loves undercuts and short sleaved shirts,
-loves Rob's cousin (even though she looks like Rob)
-Constantly horny and looking to grab a bit.
- Loves hard core Nu metal.
- Also known as Powersack
- Cheats on Medal of Honour- shoots everyone with sniper rifle while hiding in a second story window.
1."Watch out" said Blue "I'm as horny as Neil Jarrett"
"See that Neil Jarrett?" said sheep dog "he's wearing red which means he's got the horn"
2."Hey, doesn't that girl look like Rob?" said Adrian
"Yeah, I'll still give her a serve, just put a bag on her head" Said Horny Neil.
by Adrian Johnson November 01, 2004
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