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Slang / Technical term used to describe an accessible wireless network which does not belong to you, often belonging to your neghbours or a local business etc
"I'm on Neighbour Net at the moment cause our internet is cut off"
by Prince_Of_Narnia September 03, 2009
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1. The horrible internet you steal from your neighbours. However bad, it is generally frowned upon to complain due to the fact that it is free access to The Internet.

2. A netting made out of your neighbours. This is a rarer use of the word. Because it's weird really.
Dave: "Oh boy! This neighbour-net is so slow! Yet I'm so thankful!"
Dave's Neighbour: "Sir, please stop stealing our Internet."


Policeman 1: "So what was that Dave guy arrested for?"
Policeman 2: "He was caught making Neighbour-net."
Policeman 1: "That sick bastard!"
by The Delusional Dave August 28, 2012
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