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When someone generalizes your life based on a neighborhood you lived in at one point or another and doesn't take the time to think about that not everyone in a neighborhood does not make the same income, act the same or live in the same type of housing that most in that neighborhood might live in. Neighborhood generalization
Kid 1: where you from?

Kid 2: I'm from Brooklyn but I moved to Westchester when I was 7.

Kid 1: oh Westchester, your so rich.i stayed in the borroughs till I was out of high school.

Kid 2: no actually we had one of the smallest houses in the area and I could not afford half of what the other kids had. My parents did it for the better schools. Btw your house in the city cost more than mine. And you drove a Ferrari. Neighborhood generalization
by moconahhh June 09, 2013
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