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A gathering place of peoples tinted slightly or largely darker than average. Usually made of glass or bars, or at least with a glass ceiling for observing behaviors, taking notes, or simply amusing ones-self. Sometimes similar to or confused with "prison." While visiting the negratory, be advised to wear ear protection, as it's inhabitants appear to lack control over the volume of their incoherent languages.
Person A: Where the hell have you been?
Person B: Oh, I was teasing monkeys with a crack-pipe down at the negratory.

"I don't know what happened, he was here one second, then gone the next, it was like Chitlins in a negratory"

"Professor, look! When we turn the overhead lights off in the negratory, the only way you can tell they're still there is by playing this Bernie Mac CD!"

by Demauray X May 07, 2008
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