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A citizen of an imaginary country called Negraine. A typical male Negrainian is characterized by a full afro or dreadlocked hair style. A typical female Negrainian has a full head of nappy hair. Regardless, all Negrainians have a penchant for destructive and violent thuggery such as taking down and burning Confederate flags, stomping on and burning American flags, toppling statues of Confederate soldiers, shooting and killing white police officers, brutally torturing any hapless White person who happens to get in their way, as well as other forms of anti-white bigotry and propaganda, while proudly swearing allegiance to their wack-ass "country."
I walked by a large crowd of Negrainians from the black sector waving red, black, and green flags and chanting violent and racist slogans such like "Glory to Negraine! Glory to the heroes!" and "Hang Whitey from a tree branch!"
by RBK4LIFE October 23, 2015
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