A difficult, extremely kinky sex move most commonly used in DD/lg and BDSM circles. It uses negative pressure (i.e., pulling/sucking) on a substance to produce a pleasurable sensation on its vessel, typically the rectum. The term pressure is shortened to "press" as a play on the words "coffee press" because the practice is most commonly associated with use of the liquid "covfefe", which is similar to coffee. The use of whole, unfiltered coffee grounds in covfefe provides an exfoliation effect as well as blood vessel dilation due to the caffeine. This results in a sort of seizure-like state for the recipient, in which it is difficult to do tasks such as compose a tweet or run a world power. To increase the intensity it may be done constantly, but this is difficult for any but the most experienced practitioners to withstand without suffering permanent brain damage.

An anthropomorphic take on the phenomena is featured in the book Pounded in the Butt by Covfefe, available as an e-book on Amazon, by two-time Hugo award finalist Chuck Tingle.
by bloopyblip June 1, 2017
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