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An ethnic minority person who is cast in a media production (movie, commercial, TV show etc.) in a role of high social status or authority (board member, general, judge, senator, doctor etc.) with the aim of (i) appealing to the corresponding ethnic segment of the audience, (ii) soothing the social conscience of the white audience, or (iii) merely being 'politically correct'. The term 'Negation' refers to the fact that such production aims to negate that in reality the incidence of ethnic minority people is much lower or even non-existent. The term 'Nigger' is not intended as a slur, but rather debunks the (white) casters for very likely (but of course indiscernibly) using the N-word in their thinking.

The term is a 'clin d'oeil' to the Dutch rhyming term 'Excuus Truus' (Excuse Bitch) that has been use in Holland for a few decades now, after it had been invented by feminists in the seventies to mock a woman who had been appointed to a corporate board for the sole purpose of political correctness.
This was the umpteenth time that Keith David was cast as the negation nigger, when he accepted the role of a 4-star general in that action movie.
by Tavern Senses August 16, 2016
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