The party is in 10 mins and I still have no food on the table, i need a hug.
by Urban3158930045 December 6, 2013
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My tummy or stomach as normal people use is stating the fact that my brain is not working at the moment and i am unable to say my stomach or tummy as ECEs would say need food or to settle down but i would like you to give me a hug anyways just don't pat my tummy
Girl 1: well i should be leaving now

Girl 2: Bye wow

"My Tummy needs a hug"

Girl 1 and 3 and 4: huh? what?

Girl 2: ummm i need my tummy to settle down
by Girl #1 Blue Butterfly January 28, 2010
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A phrase used to express sympathy for a person who is an emotional train-wreck because they are going through a very hard time in their life.
"What's wrong with Rob?"

"His parents kicked him out of the house because he is an atheist."

"Wow. That really sucks. He needs a hug."
"Right? I wonder how he's doing right now."
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