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An act by which a person has sex with a dead body while waiting for their clothes to finish a cycle in the washing machine.

An ill-conceived plan to amuse oneself while waiting for the washing machine to finish a cycle by having sex with a dead body; however, the process of actually getting the dead body needed to complete necrowash takes longer than the actual wash cycle itself.
Tyler: 'Man, i had a necrowash last night, it was a nightmare to get the body'
Sam: 'At least you were able to amuse yourself while your clothes were cleaned'

James: 'Dude, I hate waiting for my laundry to finish, it so boring'
Nick: 'Your best option to pass the time is to necrowash, but you have to try and get a body first, sneaking into the morgue is harder than it looks'
James: 'Necrowash sounds like it will cure my boredom, i have a friend who is a gravedigger, he could help me'
by Lounge Party June 01, 2010
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