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Sexual attraction to a deceased pirate. One interest in necropiraphilia
Is much different than the classic necrophiliac. Because of a pirates rugged
Sea life, the deceased usually give off a much more vial odor than the average
Stock broker or doctor. The necropiraphiliac often have a crave for salt water
And a tendency to role play. Pirates are not normally given proper burials resulting
In maggots, this is a crucial part for the necropiraphiliacs.

Pirates are hard to find these days, most necropiraphiliac divers hunt in the sea
For ships. Others you can find in pirate graveyards usually off the coast.
A. Hey man wanna go to the local graveyard and have intercourse with
Some dead people?

B. No thanks, I'm a necropiraphiliac.

A. What's that?

B. It means I'm only into dead pirates.

A. Oh cool. Have fun with that.
by ScurveyDogg12 November 24, 2009
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