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A bizarre and dangerous fetish that requires an abundance of excrement, both human and animal, that the living human smears all over the dead animal. Any animal will do, but only if its been dead long enough for the decay to be both nasally offensive and of course maggoty in texture. The human male (it's almost always a he - except in the much rarer lesbonecrofecalbestiality) then proceeds to violate the animal corpse, in the ungodly act of sodomy, until the rotting flesh and interspecies shit forms a sort of paste, which the man then spreads on a cracker and tries to trick people into eating, even going so far as to fabricate a completely made up word for the putrescence: pate.
party goer 1: "Hey, I'm not so sure about this party. The host looks like he's been rolling in dead shit, and he's been touching all the food. I think I just lost my appetite."
party goer 2: "Don't be ignorant! He's a gourmet! Look, have you tried this pate? Its to die for!"
thoughts of the guy who does necrofecalbestiality: "Hehehehehe, my sexual arousal has so peaked! this is much better than collecting pink socks"
by Alpha&Omega September 06, 2005
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