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1. (n) Intense at all times, this individual is spawn from the fiery depths of mother Rock herself. He wakes up and is cracking skulls and slaying women with his hellish vocals before he even thinks about making coffee. And by coffee, I mean JD and Coke. His thunderous riffs are unmanageable and axe drips with the blood of non - believers, which he catches in a Goblet of Fire, which he proceeds to drink.
2. (adj) Necro-Rompin' is defined as the acts which a Necro-Romper participates. Such acts include, Cracking Skulls, Screaming, Laying down Hellish Riffs, Drinking, Punching Stuff, Headbanging, Archery, etc.
"That dude is such a Necro-Romper. You hear those soul grabbing textures he just laid down?"

" That guy is a Necro-Rompin' badass"
by reospeedemon June 20, 2007
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