The greatest living entity to ever exist in the multiverse. Will eradicate you in the span of a millisecond with it's fact speaking words.
Bob: Oh this man is playing neco arc, I'm gone.
by whyamibrowsingthissite September 8, 2021
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Neco-arc is a Japanese fighting game character who has become quite popular in meme culture for her annoying yet humorous character personality. She’s a lot similar to characters like Crazy frog and annoying orange in the sense that she’s annoying, but still iconic enough to be funny
Bill: hey todd check out this funny Neco-arc meme i made!
Todd: i’m not real bill. I’m a figment of your imagination. You have to let go, the accident wasn’t your fault.
Bill: haha silly todd! 😂
by ChaseBro November 30, 2021
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