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When your boyfriend/girlfriend/makeout-buddy goes at your neck for a long time, aka kisses your neck.

Very pleasurable.
Eric: Yo sonn, Daniel was totally giving Maria a Neck Job in the park yesterday.
Liz: Really?
Eric: Amazing thing is she had no hickeys to prove it.
Liz: Wow He must be really good.
by Woahbabbeh. October 22, 2008
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when the male participant rubs his penis up and down on the female or other male's neck to induce sexual pleasure.
a female can also straddle a man's neck while he makes acoustic noise causing his neck to vibrate, thus inducing sexual pleasure upon the female.
I had the best orgasm last night when Duane gave me a neckjob.
by andes September 01, 2007
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Also refered to as an NJ. The dominant male takes a large knife, perferably a butcher knife, and forcefully inserts it into your partners neck. To stop the bleeding insert your penis and wildly fuck the neck gash. Then to finish off strong, ejaculate on the wound to cauterize it.
Tom: After i took jesse's mom home i rocked her with a Neck Job

Jesse: Is that why she never came home?

Tom: Yep she's dead
by Date Rape Tom November 25, 2009
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When you stick your dick between your conjoined head partners and fuck their necks. Similar to a titty fuck, but with necks.
Frank: "I got a neck job from Beth and Ann."

Joe: "The sisters with the conjoined heads?"

Frank: "Yeah, totally fucked their necks. Fucking sweet."
by Neckfucker February 17, 2017
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Like a normal blowjob, but from a girl with a tracheotomy (hole in neck to breathe through, generally as a result of cancer) so you can sit your nutsaq in the hole (so she can suck on it) as well as getting head. Be careful not to block it too much, in case she vapour locks.
My mum gives the best neckjobs in town!
by raw3 December 05, 2004
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Also known as a "neck j." It is a sexual maneuver where the male first forcefully slices off a woman's head and then disposes of the body. He next takes the head and (after opening the eyes and staring into them) he places the dead lady's head on his penis and begins to bob her up and down until he cums. Depending on the size of said man's cock, the perpetrator may have to "hollow out" the womans neck so his hard penis will fit in there.
Yo dude, did you hear? Stephen gave Leigh a neck job last night and now her funeral is next Wednesday.
by troliver all day January 25, 2010
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