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Nebin's are usually highly sophisticated and intelligent. They are conquerors. They are doers and achievers. Ambitious and beautiful... and completely blunt- which you grow to love about them. They are adventurous and have a wonderful hidden sassy side. They have great taste in fashion and decor. They are fantastic bargain hunters and very financially intelligent. They do not succumb to the common fears of their generation. They are sun babies and love being warm. They enjoy snuggling, and are the best snugglers in the world. They enjoy caring for the people that they love almost more than everything else. They give so much to others that sometimes they forget to stand up for themselves.... they need to always believe in themselves, because they are great and worthy of endless admiration. They are gorgeous and have beautiful skin, an infinitely sweet heart and compassionate soul. They are special, and if you get the opportunity to be with a Nebin- do not take her for granted! They are one of a kind!
The moon is to the stars as love is to a Nebin!
by Kelcetronic December 27, 2014
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