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Nazzers or Nazzer – Initially brought into being by the internationally renowned grindcore band Fuck Up Nations is a commonly used phrase among a particular group of individuals; namely, the band’s fans.
The word Nazzers can be used in virtually any context and form. The meaning, conversely, remains relatively consistent. That is: He, she, that, something, etc is akin to that of the malevolence Nazzers supposedly possesses. Or in some cases, Nazzers can additionally mean: He who is a disciple of the Dark Lord. On the contrary, Nazzers can also mean: He who repels the Dark Lord’s rule in the name of Nazzers.

Due to the band’s international popularity growth among notably intellectuals, Nazzers has recently been added to an underground German dictionary as: Nëzeirs
That is Nazzer
He is Nazzers
She is Nazzered
They are Nazzer
Fuck Nazzers
To my surprise, Nazzer...
Nazzer, his reaction was..
Common Nazzer guitar riffs include..
I love my Nazzers
by DJ Sonetti June 09, 2007
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