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Nazifail is a fail so hard core, that in its happening, millions suffered and subsequently died from it.

Just "Fail" alone isn't strong enough, not when it comes to covering the fail-bases of the more epic 'fail' types. If something fails on a far more grandiose scale than your typical run of the mill generic brand fails, "Nazifail" is the word you'd use to describe it.

To "nazifail" is the worst fail level one can achieve, for there is no level lower. And just like the Nazis, this fail refuses to die (or even acknowledge that it is a fail) even though the smarter majority of us greatly wish it to.
"Twilight is a nazifail; there's no way anything in history could ever live up to something that terrible. It makes zombies want to become vegetarians for fear of absorbing the historic stupidity it has caused."
by amarynth + absynthe November 04, 2009
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