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A drinking game in which the player/players play Call of Duty World at War's Nazi Zombies. The object of the game is to survive as many rounds as possible while taking shots as according to the rules.

Please Drink Responsibly when playing this game.
Best if played with Vodka or Rum. Can be replaced with beer but a whole beer substitutes a shot.

1. Starting at round 10 the player/players may take their first shot and take a shot for each additional round.
2. Any time you upgrade a gun you take a shot.
3. Get the Ray Gun or Monkey Bombs take a shot (Even if before round 10 and if upgraded you get another shot)
4. WUNDA WAFFLE TAKE A SHOT! (Note you must say this out loud or you cannot take your shot!/You can take this shot even if it is before round 10 and an additional shot if it is upgraded)
Player 1: Dude we are on round 34, I've upgraded 9 guns, I've got two Ray guns, Wunda Waffle and the Monkey Bombs....Nazi Zombie Shots is Awesome!

Player 2: Dude thats like almost 40 shots how are you not dead!
by Sakabato February 07, 2010
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