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Evil overlords of computerized activity. Will ban just about anyone they don't like, even if they follow the rules flawlessly. Nazi administrators are generally megalomaniacs whos lust for power overwhelms all sense of judgement, which ends up resulting in terrifying abuse of admin powers. Examples of Nazi administrators can be found at the forums of Sonic HQ, and even here, where the Nazi administrators compulsively delete definitions by request of their other Nazi contacts.
Nazi Admin: Sieg heil!
Innocent person: What?
Nazi Admin: That's it, you're banned!
by somebody April 22, 2004
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National Socialism Administrators or in modern terms, abusive and corrupt officials seeking to terrorize the populace. Key examples of these administrators are found on the internet particularly roaming from Reddit, 4Chan and other major forums, They attempt to flawlessly execute their power and expect no repercussion, using powers such as banning, failed DDoS attempts, Empty Threats and Community hate, they attempt to catalyse all their power into following their eternal leader to death by being a cock-sucker to the real owners of websites. Good Examples of Nazi Administrators can be found in GTAMC forums, particularly iHayden and his style of new Nazi-crusading. Examples of exertion of power is the wrongful banning of innocent players, crude comments, harsh punishments, and continuous public hate.
"iHayden banned another player, what was it for this time? Oh wait, He's the Nazi Administrator.."
"Guys, The Nazi Administrator is on.. Let's log off before we get banned for breathing"
"The New Update was published by iHayden, I guess I'm going back to WoW again."
"iHayden is training the new set of Nazi Administrators, This is fucking ridiculous"
by Oncloakes August 05, 2016
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