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A simple lackadaisical little creature that often dwells deep in the heart of the treacherous badlands of Southmead (Smead)

You will often unearth this peculiar little thing waddling around town on her venture to work or in Aldi stacking the shelves.

You would presume that this adorable yet slow person would be harmless... You would be wrong.

When it comes to food this, otherwise harmless fuzzy creature will turn into something quite sinister. Be warned. Never forget her curry sauce... and whatever you do... Keep cheese out of her sight at all times!

She can be deadly. Even going as far as breaking her own bones to inflict pain on you. So watch out when approaching this somewhat innocuous looking critter.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention... Never under any circumstances feed a Naya alcahol! For you will unleash the cock monster. Otherwise known as...................

A boy hungry cock pounding sesh monster from the fiery pits of hell...
Some say she is sent here by Satan to possess any penis she can find. And trust me, She will find it. She will find YOU!

You will be no more. Your little tiddler reduced to rubbles before your very eyes! So please whatever you do. Do not offer a Naya a drink. For your own sake.
Watch out lads. Be weary! Naya Lane s had a drink! Someone here has unleashed TANISHA... and shes on the prowl!
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by smellysully October 09, 2019
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