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Seen by the male partner when engaging in mutual oral sex ("69"), this term describes the effect of the female partner contracting or tightening her pelvic muscles during sexual stimulation, which causes her anus to contract or 'wink'.

Sometimes used a signal to the male partner indicating that whatever he is doing is having the desired effect and is easing the female partner towards orgasm when vocal expression is impossible due to the attention she is giving to his penis.

As orgasm is achieved the 'winks' will become regular and very obvious contractions until orgasm subsides.
"Bobby, you just took me to a place I've never been before - that was the most amazing orgasm I've ever had. Are you OK?"

"When I saw your first naughty wink I could tell that you were quite enjoying my attention! Then I could almost read your heartrate from the winks when you came! You're beautiful Alice, and I love you."

(door opens ...)

"Mom, mom, are you OK? I just heard you scream."

"Honey I'm just fine, go back to sleep, see you in the morning. Dad and I are just fooling around."
by Katie4eyes January 20, 2018
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