A woman who is confident in her body and who does not give in to the pressures of the media, porn, or by other men and women to alter her body in any form or fashion.

She is a full fledged woman by all means of the term; her lips are natural, her breasts are real, and she has pubic hair. She does not feel the need to give herself fake breasts or butt implants. Her breasts are not enhanced to fulfill anyone else’s fantasy.

A natural woman has pubic hair on her pubic region the way nature intended. She is an adult woman; not a child with a five-year-old-looking vagina. She is proud by all the greatness that represents her natural state.

She ignores criticism by other people (Both men and women) for her to live up to the superficial expectations of constant reinforced imagery and persuasion of mainstream media and pornography that tell her she needs to alter her body to be sexy and attractive. In truth, through all her trials and tribulations, she is a natural and beautiful woman. She is truly a work of art.
Jonny: Dude, I made love to a beautiful woman last night.

Delroy: Oh really?

Jonny: Yep, she was different. She didn’t have fake breasts and she actually had pubic hair down below.

Delroy: Wow. She’s a Natural Woman – A rare gem these days. You can handle that, right?

Jonny: Of course. Real men appreciate natural women, so it’s not a problem at all for me.
by Black Brotha for Humanity December 29, 2010
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