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A word used to discribe a small hyper active asian ages 12-17.
by Weston Grimmly February 10, 2007
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Bright, funny, and honest with everyone, Natsuko is the most loving girl you'd ever meet. Natsuko is beautiful in no matter what she wears, how she does her hair or makeup, she looks perfect without trying. She is extremely honest to others and herself, and she has a lot of self love and self confidence. She is extremely artistic, though she might be modest about it to some people, she can be one of the most talented people you meet! Natsuko can be shy sometimes, usually to most people who she doesn't know, but she is one of a kind if you really get close to her. She is a great friend, of course there are flaws, lack of responsibility, lack of leadership even, but she is one of the greatest and most beautiful people you'll ever meet. Natsuko is smart as well, and well disciplined, not getting into trouble most times. Due to this, she can excel in careers such as modeling, or a fashion, arts and music careers. Even though she may not know it, she has many friends and many people she is close to. She isn't particularly overprotective, but she is sweet and caring. Then again, if you get on her bad side, its hell for you. Though it may not seem like it, her decisions deep down are very wise and thought through. She loves to read classic books, and might be one of the most classy and beautiful people you've met. All in all, if you ever meet a Natsuko, hang on to her!
See her? She's so clean- she must be Natsuko!
by thaagirl22 January 22, 2019
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