Widely known as the manga-ka of the popular shoujo manga Fruits Basket which had also been made into a anime (which is crappy, godforsaken and degrading to the manga. Even Takaya-sensei doesn't like it. That's why they stopped at book 8 and never made a second season.)
Her works are known to be comical, emotionally touching, and highly addictive.
Other works by Natsuki Takaya are:
Those Who Bear the Wing (Tsubasa wo motsu mono)
Because you smile when I sing (a collection of short stories)
Phantom Dream (Genei o motsu)
Twinkle Stars (Hoshi wa Utau)
Twinkle Stars is her newest manga created after Fruits Basket.

Takaya-sensei's drawing has changed through her manga, and has grown much more mature, and clean. She also broke her wrist in an accident whilst writing Fruits Basket, and her drawing changed because of it.

She is left handed, and often talks obssessively of video games.

Natsuki Takaya is a pen name, her real name is unknown.
If I could meet Natsuki Takaya, the manga-ka, I would die a happy death.
by cross your fingers May 19, 2009
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