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An amazing girl who is overly feminine. A great friend who's been looking for a boyfriend for a while now. Sports an unkempt style, almost like she hasn't washed for a few weeks and hasn't cleaned her teeth .. well, ever. Massive fan of her electric toothbrush and shit music, such as HIM. Her favourite past time is crossing oceans of wine and throwing up whilst playing the Lord of the Rings drinking game.

Loves her bestfriend/boyfriend Alastair very much, and also the shit French beer that he buys for her. Likes shoving her fingers up her bum. Often goes to Download just to see men lift their kilts and expose themselves to her. She has a penchant for men with he-vage (Ryan). Often ends up kissing curly-haired beasts (Dane) whilst intoxicated, or licking the respective guys' girlfriend's nipples. Often known to swig pure vodka from the bottle, but more often than not hands it out to the rest of the group and then declaring she's bladdered.

Never cleans his fingers after bum-fun with himself.
Seen that Nathan Griffiths?

What a babe.
by shtiffirgnahtan July 31, 2011
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