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Nathan White's are complete Psychopath and Nazis. They are good at telling dark jokes and can be very disturbing. Very tall, sexy and have a decent cock. But don't underestimate Nathan White's sex ability. They will fuck you dry, you'll be dead from dehydration. Nathan's are knife wielding maniacs, but they do have big hearts, and do care about their friends. But if there is one guy who is gonna shoot up the school, I guarantee you its a Nathan White. They specifically hate Jack Ritchie's but love to know that they are taller than those petty weak Jack's. Nathan's can easily lie to people, even the police, making them very manipulative. But lets be honest, girls want the SUCC as soon as they see him. He loves alcohol and once he's drunk, the world is at stake. Who knows what kind of shit he can get up to, hell, he probably could make Satan himself his bitch if he wanted. Nathan's will most commonly wear an SS Nazi Uniform with a long leather trench coat to accompany it. It really brings out his sexiness and the other girls feel lust for him, though he would probably shoot them during sex cause he's, like a killer. They love to succ on big busty tits and even has dreams of raping some whores. If you meet a Nathan White in your life, never let him go, cause he'll probably kill ya if ya do.
Stranger: Hahaha I posted an embarrassing meme about yo dumb ass

Nathan: Fine, but when you go to bed, and the thunder strikes, look outside your window tonight...And make sure I don't break through the glass to kill you :3

Cause thats what Nathan White's are for.
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