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Nasty Nate McGee is common nickname given to that of a male whose looks and/or actions closely resemble that of a wild silverback gorilla. Animal control has been called numerous times for this mistake. This individual is often seen drinking a beer and is typically drunk before basketball games as well as late at night by himself. Counting to ten is considered a difficult task for this person. This male has no real friends, only ones that enjoy his television, sofa, his roommate, and the fact that he is 21. Formerly a pot head, now a roid freak. Nasty can be seen "shooting up" before workouts and long naps. This person can be given a tent, a hunting knife, and a bouncy ball, then be set loose in the woods and still have fun for weeks. McGee will not wait for you to go eat lunch and is not considered a good friend by any means. If you ever meet a McGee it is suggested that you do not run, but play dead. He will lose interest, just like a bear.
"I think that Nasty Nate Mcgee videotaped himself walking to the middle of a frozen pond. What a Douche Bag! Can you believe he thinks that is cool?"

"Did you hear that McGee peeled two bananas with his feet while double fisting beers and picking fleas out of his hide-like skin. Incredible!"
by Rodgers Rabbit February 06, 2009
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