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1. When a repulsive man screws someone without lube and scolds them for using profanity when they cry out in pain. May or may not be followed by a dirty sanchez.

2. A politician who stands in the way of any action that could mitigate the gun violence epidemic slaughtering their constituents but has plenty of time and energy to rant about how it's a frightening "sign of the times" that people who haven't sold their souls use profanity when talking about it.
When an emotional survivor whose friends were literally just gunned down expressed anger that many politicians keep offering nothing but "thoughts and prayers", Senator Rubio took to Twitter to express his outrage. Because he's a Nasty Marco, he was upset at the survivor using the word "fuck" on tv rather than the callous inhumanity she described.
by UnlikelyDarling July 05, 2018
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