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A Nast hole is simply a fairly obvious reference to a nasty ass hole.
I bet her nast hole is a serious waft eye!
by El Cheapo March 16, 2008
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A person who is nasty in their appearance, mannerisms, barely intelligible utterances, personal hygiene and/or behaviors who is also a boorish asshole, yet is either unaware or unconcerned of the unpleasant effect they have on those around them; for example, Ted Nugent.
Person A: Would you please give me an apple.
Person B: Sure.
Person A: Hey, man, did you just spit on my apple before polishing it on the seat of your shit-stained pants?

Person B: Yeah, so what's your point? (takes large bite of apple)
Person A: You are a complete Nasthole.
by Nova Scrotia July 04, 2013
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