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A beautiful, smart, hilarious, caring, and awesome girl that always makes everyone happy no matter what. everyone can't help but love her. she has amazing hair, beautiful mysterious brown eyes, a voice like an angel. and she's christofer drew's future wife. it's rare to find a nashita. I've been lucky enough to talk to one c:
by mrswhale August 30, 2011
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Nashita's come in many shapes and form and are quite malleable tbh. But generally tend to have a very convincing ulterior of a social butterfly and a positive, bubbly and caring attitude. Very big dreamers, looking at the big picture and always finding the easiest way to do the difficult things, they have a very creative inquisitive mind. However they are deeply insecure, sometimes a little daft and a and lost. Naive and overly reliant on other, they have to learn to be free and independent to grow. Regardless, they are a unique specimen of beings that deserve respect.
David Attenborough: Look it's a Nashita! This is absolutely spectacular sight. So thankful I can experience this moment.
by bruvaaar March 02, 2017
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The most graceful,caring, friendly and a bit crazy. Nashita cares about her family and friends a lot
Nashita also means intelligent
by Nashita August 31, 2018
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