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Naruto Dick Riding Syndrome is an affliction exclusive to characters in Masashi Kishimoto's popular manga, Naruto. After encountering Uzumaki Naruto in a battle and losing, Naruto spits an adorable line about peace, determination, and love. The victim then relinquishes all convictions and bends to the will of Uzumaki Naruto.

His allies are also afflicted by NDRS; Hinata nearly lost her life twice for him. NDRS, moreover, transcends the pages of the manga to forum users as well. Uchiha Sasuke is the only known person immune to NDRS.
Naruto: "I've defeated you Neji, now abandon your grudges because I'm a loser."

Neji: "But aren't you the son of the Fou....ahh, nevermind. Let's have a circle jerk. I got NDRS."

Reader 1: "Naruto's actions were just. He follows his emotions and will never break his promise"

Reader 2: "But it's just getting ridiculous at this point in the manga. You got Naruto Dick Riding Syndrome BAD!
by Dredan July 31, 2009
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