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1)opposite of wide lad.- a man who is wide in torso and alphaness.

-2) A generic banter insult invented by the wide lad Ben Singleton.

- 3)A narrow lad is someone who lacks torso width, maybe due to lack of a combination of or singular of: clavicles , deltoids, shoulder to waist ratio- a beta.

4) -Someone who acts in a fashion mimicking such a narrow man.

5) a beta male who lacks manhood

6) a beta who is generally lacking in width and strength.

7) Genetically lacking in evolutionary attractiveness.

8) a guy with terrrible shanter

9) Craig roebuck, andrew maskill, any other narrow lads.
Laughing child: "what a Narrow lad"

Admiration man: "That guy is a "Narrow lad", not like widelad singleton"


"where is his clavicles/ deltoids/ rratio what a "Narrow lad"???!!"

girl:"HA wot a Narrow lad"

Alpha male: " i fucked that Narrow lad's bird in front of him, he just cried!!"

Alpha's pal: " he so weak, cant even deadlift! wot a "Narrow lad!"

Scorning alpha female: "he's such a "Narrow lad", no female want's his narrow gene's!"

Craig roebuck, andrew maskill, any other "Narrow lad"'s.
by Wideladdd January 23, 2011
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